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First and foremost, we're independent

We have no alignment to any particular body corporate manager. We also do not have any incentive to prefer any particular body corporate manager over another.

We reject more body corporate managers than we accept

We understand that our long term growth is dependent on us having high quality body corporate managers joining our network. Excellent body corporate managers leads to satisfied owners corporations and that's what we set out to achieve.

With this in mind we have a lengthy and onerous application procedure. Quality monitoring does not stop after the owners corporation appoints one of our managers as we conduct interviews with owners corporation periodically after appointment to ensure the body corporate manager is performing to expectations.

How owners corporations benefit using our services

  • Having multiple body corporate managers competing to win their business
  • Saving by taking advantage of the 2 month discount we have pre-negotiated on your behalf
  • An easy and transparent method of comparing quotations
  • Our service is free to owners
  • Assistance with the formalities involved in terminating a manager

How body corporate managers benefit by using our service

  • Discovering a new source of owners corporation customers
  • We do the marketing and the body corporate managers do the managing
  • Having the ability to grow their portfolios without employing sales personnel

Why we started StrataOptions

We saw the imbalance between the knowledge of the body corporate managers and that of their clients the members of an owners corporation. We set out to partly redress this by giving the owners more choices and providing greater transparency into the process of appointing a new manager and terminating the incumbent.

How we get paid

We get paid by the body corporate manager when they are appointed by an owners corporation. There is no cost to the owners corporations and our competitive tendering process assures owners great value.


We are based in Melbourne and currently operate principally in Victoria and NSW. We're expanding into other states as we are able to find and sign-on suitable body corporate managers.

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